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Sep 20

Dan Seifert:

The only problem? Two years on, no matter how colorful, Windows Phone has yet to prove that it can turn any of these companies a profit.

Here’s the thing though, what companies are in the black with Android? After the meteoric rise of Android in terms of sales, only Samsung actually turn profit. I’d say that should cast the viability of Android into an unfavourable light for HTC, and my guess is that is the explanation for their renewed faith in Microsoft. Let’s face it, Android is in trouble. Samsung only make money from ripping off iOS, and it’s doubtful whether that can continue, given their recent loss in court (as a side note, the damages from that court case pretty much destroyed the profit they have made from Android). OEMs don’t have any other option. Android means a race to the lowest price point, and they can’t make any money that way. 

It’s WP8 or nothing now. Thankfully Windows Phone is actually pretty nice.

But I don’t get how Seifert can cast doubt on HTC’s push for Windows Phone when Android has demonstrably proven that despite incredible sales, it cannot turn a profit.